Afridi hints at T20 retirement

Raza Haidery
By Raza Haidery April 28, 2015 16:47

Afridi hints at T20 retirement

KARACHI: Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has stated that he will bid farewell to Twenty20 cricket when he feels that he is a burden to the team, reports.

Shahid Afridi has said that senior players have let the team down and the side cannot win matches if they continue to give bad performances consistently.

He added that the green shirts are going through difficult time. He stressed that the cricket board has to experiment with younger players in order to have a good side for the World T20 2016 in India.

The all rounder also stated that he will call it quit when he feels that he is a burden to the side.

It should be noted that Pakistan suffered a humiliating whitewash against Bangladesh in the one day series while they also lost the only T20 match of the tour as well.

On the other hand, Pakistan has lost three of its four Twenty20 matches since October 2014 under Afridi’s leadership.

Shahid Afridi just took only three wickets in his seven games of the Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia and New Zealand.

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Raza Haidery
By Raza Haidery April 28, 2015 16:47
  • M. Anwar Qureshi

    Just ignore him and find other stars in Pakistan TV Industry……….we have lot of talent.

  • Naheem Gul Hussain Awan

    No other actor who worked in bollywood has asked for a 2 crore fees to work in lollywood. I dont know what fawad has that he is damanding the big amount. There goes a big support from fawad to revive the lollywood industry with a slap of 2 crore

  • akmal

    they forget so easily that if not for pak he would not be who he is today shameful

    • Priya

      Chubbey! Had he been an American, he would have been as successful! Your success has got nothing to do with your country or your religion. It is all about hard work! #Lawyered

      • rockstar

        By pakistan he meant pakistani TV shows and the work and fame he got from Pakistan and religion,Stupid!

      • rockstar

        correction* Not religion

  • Emily Rissenz

    fawad dont do this

  • fatma

    Excuse me but fawads price for dramas after humsafar was 20 lacks and by zindagi gulzar was 40 lacks obly for 25 epusodes. No way in hell he would hav agreed on 2 lacs loool. Not even hamza ali abbasi takes that much even newbies like sheryar munawar are asking atleast 15-20 lacks for a 20 episode drama and half crore for movie ‘ho man jahaan’.
    Fawad brings in audience he deserves alot more than 2 crore. He made khoobsurat superhit abroad and locally He deserves tht price for his starpower.

  • sara

    The fact that directer is undermuning fawads success and insulting his by offering 2 lacs goes on to show how cheap and B grade movie it would be. Fawad respected the director and dud not want to hurt him by giving a flat no as answer. These days actors like adeel and osman khalu and sheyryaar are asking half crore so this director is mad to think fawad will accept 2 lacs unless its martin scorcese as director. He took 1 crore atleast from khoobsurat too. Moamar rana as final choice?? Even he takes atleast 5-10 lacks. This is fake news moamar aint so cheap either.

  • Rahul

    He has a lots of bollywood offers on the table. After his smashing Khubsoorat debut, he must be getting offers of INR 5 crore MINIMUM (that is more than 8 crore Pakistani Rupees). So obviously he needs to invest his time and efforts carefully. So simple maths tells us that doing one bollywood film which pays 5 crore INR is like doing 644.77 lollywood films paying 2 lakh PKR! That’s a no-brainer choice.


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