Afridi says Sarfraz is a brave cricketer

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By ARY Sports March 30, 2015 10:19

Afridi says Sarfraz is a brave cricketer

KARACHI: Pakistan’s star all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi said on Sunday that Sarfraz Ahmed is a brave player and International cricket requires a fair share of brevity, ARY News reported.

Afridi who retired from One Day Cricket after World Cup said that he endorses brevity in players more than technique and Pakistan’s new wicket keeper Sarfraz has got it

Pakistan’s most loved cricketer revealed that he has been watching Sarfraz in domestic cricket and was asking  him to open the innings which he did at the right moment.

The star all rounder opened up about his views on cricket and life after coming back from Cricket World Cup in ARY News show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’.

Afridi remarked that Sarfraz’s batting silenced many of his critics.


Sarfraz’s performance in the two group matches against South Africa and Ireland sealed quarter final berth for an otherwise failing Pakistani lot in the Cricket World Cup 2015.

About Misbah

About his fellow player and captain Misbah-ul-Haq, Afridi said that the retiring Misbah’s performance as a captain was the best in his eyes of any Pakistani skipper.

“He was so consistent a performer”, remarked Afridi.

He revealed that the only issue he had with Misbah was that he was a ‘Shareef Admi (lenient individual) and sometimes some players needed a strict hand which a man like Misbah could not give.

Afridi who has the record of hitting most sixes in cricket history said that Pakistan has got so much talent that our players compete at International level with teams like Australia and England despite a severe lack of facilities.

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The Respect to Remember

The all rounder praised the audience of the show and ARY News for the respect they gave him by saying that he will never forget the love and reception he received in this show.

It must be remembered that the Pakistani cricketer earlier talked to the host Umer Shareef on telephone and  turned bitter on his critics  praised ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ for staying positive during the World Cup.



ARY Sports
By ARY Sports March 30, 2015 10:19
  • Salman

    Unfortunate that our nation adores Afridi more than the greats like Miandad, Inzi, and Yousuf. A bigger dilemma that the young cricketers want to emulate Afridi and not any of the greats who were far better equipped technically. His inclusion during all these years has given us some exhilarating moments but more disappointment. The younger generation of batsmen has followed suit and we play with 5-6 Afridis these days. I wish we bury Afridi-ism in its entirety with the departure of Afridi If Pakistan cricket has to claw back and win the respect they once possessed.


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