I can play at No 3 like Imran Khan did in 1992: Younis Khan

Bilal Hussain
By Bilal Hussain January 15, 2015 16:02

I can play at No 3 like Imran Khan did in 1992: Younis Khan

Dispelling the impression that he would struggle in Australia and New Zealand if sent at No 3, Pakistan’s middle order batsman Younis Khan said that he could take the responsibility just like Imran Khan did during 1992 World Cup.

“I can perform well at No 3 and the notion that I am fearful of playing at demanding No 3 spot is wrong. Indeed, I have played at that position in the past and also have performed well,” Younis told reporters during a practice session in Lahore.

Younis reiterated that playing at No 3 had made him a different kind of cricketer and he had performed well on many occasions.

“I can take the responsibility of going up at No 3. I fear the least and hopefully I would not struggle during the World Cup if am asked to play at that position,” he said.

He further mentioned Imran Khan and said that he would like to emulate the legendary player, who promoted himself to No 3 when the team was struggling in batting department during World Cup 1992, which also was held in Australia and New Zealand. Imran went on to put some memorable performances during the tournament, which Team Pakistan eventually won.

Younis further said that co-host Australia and dangerous South Africa may have an edge during the tournament but many other teams would also stand almost the same chance to excel.

“New Zealand played impressively against us in UAE. They fielded well and they also stand a chance. In ODIs and in a tournament like World Cup, every team stands a chance. Pakistan also stands a chance of winning the tournament just like any other team,” he said.

“One-day cricket has changed and rules like five players in the circle has made it a game for every team, who put a united show. If we are motivated and each of us go all out put our best as a team, then I believe Allah will also help us. So I am optimistic of our good performance during the tournament,” Younis said.

On his retirement plans, Younis said that he would keep on playing till he believes he was fit and in-form and there was hunger for playing more.

“Retiring from international cricket is a personal decision of Misbah (Misbah-ul-Haq) and (Shahid) Afridi and I believe there is no need to make it controversial. As far as I am concerned, I will play till I believe I am fit, in-form and there is hunger for cricket,” he stressed.

He further said that he love to play with youngsters and there was no insecurity in him. “If some youngster replace me with good performance than I would be happy. There is no insecurity in me,” he said.

Younis praised Misbah for captaining Pakistan cricket team during its toughest phase after match-fixing scandal engulfed it.

“Misbah should be praised for leading the team during its difficult period. He led the team with unity and therefore everyone should laud him,” he added.

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Bilal Hussain
By Bilal Hussain January 15, 2015 16:02
  • Syed Imtiaz Abbas Hussain

    The steps taken by PPP and PML-N always confirmed that they are illiterate and having no leadership and professionalism, but just sitting to get bribes and looting with the support of their favorite police force. Really it is unfortunate Pakistan.

    Our weak, eye-wash, foolish, political-based and baseless security measures includes : use of mobile phone not allow, two people riding on motor-bicycle not allow, taking high roof pick up vans not allowed to enter sensitive buildings, sale of security uniforms to retailers not allow. These are our smart security visions, instead of concentrating on systems and controls, unfortunately which can only be operated by literate people which we don’t have.

    As confirmed in TV channels that Police in every locality are busy in corruption and lawlessness and feeding politicians and influential people and supporting terrorist in spreading in all areas, instead of doing their alert and basic duty, which they did in the past. Had police was alert, strange people can not enter in localities, which includes “terrorist entered from back side and stormed the auditorium of the Army Public school” and terrorists residing in every street of Karachi due to support of police against corruption.

    Let me quote here that when street crimes and houses thefts increased, General Zia then President of Pakistan came on TV and warned Police SHOs’ that if now he will come to know that crimes occur in any locality he will not spare SHO of that locality. Thereafter no crime occurs at once, because Police became alert in their duties, which includes taking information from their locality informers and spys, who reports to police about new entrants, suspicious movement of people, new mobile/fix businesses etc. We need to control and put at task our corrupt police force to control terrorism and crimes and not to control mobile and vans.

    Army, FIA and judiciary, if not dead, should make police force responsible for allowing terrorist to reside and move around in every street and hang them who are involved. PLEASE STOP PLAYING WITH INNOCENT CITIZEN OF PAKISTAN.


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