Did go to a casino but to eat, not for gambling: Moin Khan

Bilal Hussain
By Bilal Hussain February 24, 2015 13:24

Did go to a casino but to eat, not for gambling: Moin Khan

Christchurch: Engulfed in a controversy, Pakistan chief selector Moin Khan has finally confessed that he did went to a casino before Pakistan’s World Cup match against West Indies.

However, Moin added that he only went there to eat food and not for gambling.

“I went to a casino to eat and not for gambling,” Moin Khan was quoted as saying by ary news.

Moin had initially denied that he even visited the casino in spite of video evidence, which went viral on social media.

Moin had later changed his stance and said that he went to a casino only on a tip that some players were there.

However, finally he has confessed that he did go to a casino only to eat and not to gamble as has been portrayed by the media. Moin has also apologized for his initial statement where he said that he went to a casino to check which players were there.

PCB has already announced that an investigation was underway in Moin’s case and an action could be taken after a full report.

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Bilal Hussain
By Bilal Hussain February 24, 2015 13:24
  • jazzy

    love this code of conduct. any molvi or any other stupid person violating this code of conduct should be hanged to death

  • Now we can sue Indians…..

  • Osmos Osmos


    • K.B Azhar


  • Rafi Ullah

    wha g n i c e

  • Adnan Malik

    is baat ka kia prove ha k yeah gana phly gaya giya tha.mujhy tu lagta ha k in logun ny chittyn kalaiya copy kia..

    • Waleed Javed

      it is copied check “dailypakistan” (newspaper) page on facebook they also post that

    • Waleed Javed

      the song “baby doll” is also copied

    • Waleed Javed

      if you need more information go to google and search

  • John

    Indians just cheap cheat

  • seher

    proud to be pakistani


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