Pak-India World Cup matches decide outside the field: Aamir Sohail

ARY Sports
By ARY Sports January 28, 2015 19:05

Pak-India World Cup matches decide outside the field: Aamir Sohail

LAHORE: Pakistan’s former cricket captain Aamir Sohail has opened Pandora’s Box with his statement that the World Cup matches between Pakistan and India are decided outside the field.

A former chief selector and aggressive left-hand batsman Sohail has represented his country in scores of World Cup cricket matches.

Aamir hints at purported ‘fixing’ of Indo-Pak… by arynews

Pakistan has yet to win a match against India in a Cricket World Cup tournament.

Sohail has yet to clarify his vague sentence he used in a programme on a Pakistani news channel that the match between Pakistan and India in a Cricket World Cup decides outside the field. What he was saying about these matches. Whether he is saying that those matches were ‘fixed’!! Whether outside factors were involved in determining the result of all World Cup matches between the South Asian rivals. Is he claiming that the result of this World Cup fixture, scheduled to be held on Feb 15,  between the two countries has also been decided.

The utterance of an influential cricket personality of Pakistan has opened a Pandora’s Box and sparked wild speculations over the issue.



ARY Sports
By ARY Sports January 28, 2015 19:05
  • Behzad_Vaziri

    On your Power Play program on Friday 23 January you showed a secret official document on the screen. I find it ethically incorrect. You should have at least covered the word SECRET in your programme. It shows the viewers across the world how irresponsible Pakistanis in Govt. offices as well in media are….

  • Umar Jamshed

    After 1996 amir sohail said that the wc players were all sold out.. if ur memory serves u; he blamed was wasim, salim and along with other players for under performing during 1996 world cup match.


    This guy need to learn manners because he does not know how to speak with guests and because of him i stopped watching ARY

  • Sufdar Jamil Nasir

    Arshid Shrif is now another “Sharif”. His program is biased and seems he is on paid journalist panel of PMLN. I am no more watching his program now.


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