As it happened: Peshawar Zalmi beat Karachi Kings, qualify for Lahore final

Peshawar Zalmi


Karachi Kings lose by 24 runs as Peshawar Zalmi qualify for the PSL 2017 final.

Kamran Akmal scored a ton as Zalmi posted 181 runs in the first innings for Karachi to chase.

Karachi got off to a slow start before Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard ignited some hope for their team with some big hits. However, it did not go on for long as Gayle departed in the 12th over after scoring 40 off 31 balls.

Pollard kept the run-rate high before Hasan Ali and Wahab Riaz, in their late spells shut down the runs flow which never got restored and Pollard fell to Wahab later.

Karachi Kings 151/7 (19.0): Kings need 31 runs off the last over.

(18.5) FOUR! Amir clears the field on the offside to get it past cover boundary.

(18.2) OUT! Imad Wasim departs as he tries to slash another one past point but Hafeez takes a brilliant catch.

Karachi Kings 143/6 (18.0): Prospects of playing a final in Lahore look extremely bleak for the Kings now.

(17.5) OUT! Huge wicket for Wahab! Pollard edges it behind in an attempt to chase a wide ball as Akmal takes a low catch.

(17.4) FOUR! A welcome boundary for Pollard. Pulls it hard to clear the square-leg boundary.

Karachi Kings 137/5 (17.0): A very quiet over for Karachi Kings. They need 45 runs in three overs.

Karachi Kings 131/5 (16.0): Wahab with an over against the run of play.

(15.4) FOUR! Imad slashes a fuller delivery outside off over the point fielder.

Karachi Kings 124/5 (15.0): Imad joins the party as Kings look to form a much needed partnership.

(14.5) SIX! Imad picks up Hasan Ali’s slower one and hits it long over long-on

Karachi Kings 111/5 (14.0): Pollard shows composure and maturity by not hitting every ball. The West Indian running for singles too.

(13.1) FOUR! Pollard hits it through the covers powerfully. the fielder fails to stop it.

(13.1) SIX! Pollard is on fire — a lofted straight drive which has traveled the distance.

Karachi Kings 98/5 (13.0): A massive over for the Kings as Pollard goes ruthless against young Asghar.

(12.5) SIX! Pollard again! Massive! Gets down on one knee and slogs it far into the stands on the on-side.

(12.1) SIX! Pollard lifts Asghar’s half-volley long, high and huge.

Karachi Kings 80/5 (12.0): The Gayle wicket has dented a major blow in Karachi’s prospects.

(11.5) OUT! Wahab with the last laugh as Gayle fails to judge a slower one and gets castled.

(11.3) FOUR! Gayle gets extremely lucky as Wahab’s ball takes an inside edge, touches the stumps but the bails do not go off.

Karachi Kings 74/4 (11.0): The match is on and alive!

(10.5) SIX! Gayle with another big one. Sammy goes short again and is punished again.

(10.3) FOUR! Pollard punishes Sammy for bowling a half-tracker with a pull as the ball crosses midwicket boundary.

Karachi Kings 59/4 (10.0): If Gayle keeps going on like this, it might be good news for Karachi Kings later tonight.

(9.5) SIX! Another one by the big man, Afridi has conceded a big one to the Kings.

(9.4) SIX! Gayle launches a huge one into the stands across the square-leg boundary.

(9.1) FOUR! Gayle smashes Afridi straight down the ground.

Karachi Kings 41/4 (9.0): The two West Indians on the crease, Gayle and Pollard have to put up a big partnership to create any chance for the Kings.

(8.3) FOUR! Pollard comes in and smashes Hafeez through the covers on the very first bowl he plays.

(8.2) OUT! Bopara departs. The right hander leaves his crease and misses a quicker one by Hafeez which is collected by Akmal who dislodges the stumps swiftly.

Karachi Kings 34/3 (8.0): Afridi ends the over with some turn off the track. Not a very good sign for Karachi.

(7.4) SIX! Gayle slaps Afridi over square-leg to score a welcome maximum.

Karachi Kings 24/3 (7.0): Nothing changes for the Kings, Mohammad Hafeez forcing some dot balls.

Karachi Kings 23/3 (6.0): Zalmi see off Malik in this over, there is not much light at the end of the tunnel for Karachi.

Karachi Kings 19/2 (5.0): Sangakkara departs, Kings in deep trouble.

Karachi Kings 13/1 (4.0): Sangakkara tries to bring Karachi back into contention after a dangerously slow start.

(3.2) SIX! Sangakkara comes down the wicket to Hafeez and flicks it to clear midwicket boundary.

Karachi Kings 4/1 (3.0): Hasan Ali comes back, does the same he did in the first over. A series of unplayable slower ones to keep Chris Gayle quiet.

Karachi Kings 3/1 (2.0): Kings already under pressure, another unsuccessful over for the men in blue.

(1.1) OUT! Babar Azam has left early. Tries to clear mid-on but mistimes it for Wahab Riaz to take an easy catch off Chris Jordan’s delivery.

Karachi Kings 1/0 (1.0): Hasan Ali with nagging line and length, smartly bowled over.

Babar Azam and Chris Gayle have arrived in the middle for Karachi Kings as Hasan Ali is set to bowl the first over.


Peshawar Zalmi 181/3 (20.0): Amir bowls a decent over avoid Zalmi scoring above 200.

(19.4) OUT! Afridi tries to clear long-on off Amir but ends up playing it for an easy catch to the fielder.

(19.2) FOUR! Inside edge off Samuels bat, beats Sangakkara and ends up crossing the boundary.

(19.1) OUT! Kamran Akmal is run out after some confusion in the middle with partner Samuels.

Peshawar Zalmi 173/1 (19.0): Too good for a 19th over by Usman Khan. Brilliantly bowled.

Peshawar Zalmi 168/1 (18.0): An over by Amir, a bit against the run of play.

(17.4) FOUR! Misses the bat, misses the stumps, missed by the keeper too.


Peshawar Zalmi 160/1 (17.0): Samuels joins the party to hot two boundaries in the over.

(16.5) SIX! Samuels has absolutely smashed this long and huge.

(16.3) FOUR! Imad Wasim’s shoe touching the boundary in an attempt to avoid a four.

Peshawar Zalmi 145/1 (16.0): Bopara thrashed by Akmal who does not seem like stopping now.

(15.5) SIX! Akmal again! This time clears square-leg boundary.

(15.4) SIX! Straight down the ground, huge one by Akmal.

(15.2) FOUR! Imad Wasim lets it slip through his hands as the ball goes past midwicket boundary. Runs for Samuels.

Peshawar Zalmi 126/1 (15.0): Usman Khan coming back into the attack and keeping Akmal quiet.

Peshawar Zalmi 122/1 (14.0): Akmal reaches 77 runs and looks relentless.

(13.6) SIX! Akmal spoils Bopara’s decent over as he launches another fuller delivery over long-on.

Peshawar Zalmi 110/1 (13.0): Mir looks shaky in front of old boy Akmal.

(12.3) SIX!: Seems like Akmal was waiting for Mir to come back into the attack.. comes down the ground to a flighted one by the youngster and hits it long and straight.

Peshawar Zalmi 99/1 (12.0): Sohail with a brilliant over full of variations. Zalmi have been kept quiet for a while now.

Marlon Samuels comes on one-down for Peshawar Zalmi.

(11.3) OUT! Sohail intensifies the pressure Amir created in the last over and forces Malan to slog on a slower one. the left-hander plays it straight into the hands of Babar Azam who was placed on long-on.

Peshawar Zalmi 94/0 (11.0): Amir keeps it on the money and uses his variations to concede just six to the batsmen who have already found the flow.

Amir back in the attack.

Peshawar Zalmi 88/0 (10.0): Karachi finding it hard to keep the runs flow in control as Zalmi openers continue to play their shots freely. Akmal reaches 50.

(9.6) FOUR! Similar shot by Akmal, this time goes into the hands of the deep-midwicket fielder who lets it slip and cross the boundary.

(9.4) FOUR! Akmal watches it closely and pulls to find the gap between the men deployed on square-leg and midwicket.

Time for some Ravi Bopara medium pace.

Peshawar Zalmi 77/0 (9.0): Kamran Akmal seems to have no mercy on the faulting Karachi bowlers.

(8.4) SIX! Imad with a full toss this time and Akmal capitalises on it again, clears long-on this time.

Peshawar Zalmi 66/0 (8.0): An expensive over for the Kings as Akmal looks dangerous.

(7.6) SIX! Mir with a full toss this time and gets punished by experienced Akmal as the veteran clears the cover boundary.

(7.5) SIX! Akmal comes down the ground and launches one out of the park.

Leg-spinner Usama Mir introduced into the Kings attack.

Peshawar Zalmi 51/0 (7.0): Imad conceding just four courtesy wicket-to-wicket bowling.

Peshawar Zalmi 47/0 (6.0): The pitch helping the batsmen play through the line with ease as bowlers struggle to maintain good line and length.

(5.3) SIX! Malan flicks Usman with ease as the left-armer slides one towards leg — the ball ends up beyond square-leg boundary.

(5.1) FOUR! Akmal lashes onto a half-volley by Usman and clears mid-off.

Peshawar Zalmi 34/0 (5.0): Could have been more runs had Malan not missed an opportunity cut another wide Sohail delivery.

(4.3) FOUR! Malan dispatches Sohail’s bouncer past the midwicket boundary with a solid pull shot.

Peshawar Zalmi 27/0 (4.0): First boundary-less over for Zalmi — Usman keeping things under control for the Kings.

Usman Ali comes into the attack, the fourth bowling change in four overs by Sanga.

Peshawar Zalmi 23/0 (3.0): Sohail’s decent start to the over gets spoiled by Malan’s craft foot movement.

(2.6) FOUR! Malan comes down the ground and slashes Sohail through the covers after the paces bowls it wide and full outside off.

Sohail Khan is set to bowl now.

Peshawar Zalmi 18/0 (2.0): Malan’s footwork gets the better of Imad’s spin expertise and once again the belter playing it’s part.

(1.5) FOUR! Malan plays a similar shot and gets exactly the same result.

(1.2) FOUR! Dawid Malan plays an executive cover drive courtesy perfect footwork.

Imad Wasim has been introduced into the attack by Sangakkara.

Peshawar Zalmi 10/0 (1.0): A good start for Zalmi on a pitch which is allowing the ball come onto the bat nicely.

(0.2) FOUR! More deft this time.. Amir bowls on the off again and Akmal guides it behind to beat third-man.

(0.1) FOUR! Kamran Akmal on the front foot, plays a lovely off drive, using mohammad Amir’s pace.


Karachi Kings: Babar, Gayle, Sangakkara, Malik, Bopara, Pollard, Imad Sohail, Amir, Usama, Usman

Peshawar Zalmi: Akmal, Malan, Samuels, Hafeez, Afridi, Sammy, Jordan, Wahab, Hasan, Khushdil


Karachi Kings’ captain Kumar Sangakkara has won the toss and opted to bowl first.


The hype for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final in Lahore is rising with each passing moment and the wait for the event has got even more difficult after international players from Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi have indicated that they will travel for it.

The two teams, now, cannot afford to lose out on the possibility of playing in front of the hungry Lahore crowd and, to earn it, they are set to lock horns tonight at the Dubai Cricket Stadium tonight for the PSL 2017 third playoff.

Both teams’ confidence ahead of the big game can be judged by the results of their previous outings.

Karachi Kings are riding high on confidence after eliminating defending champions Islamabad United following a 44-run win in the second playoff on Wednesday.

Imad Wasim, Usama Mir and Mohammad Amir swept through the United line-up, taking three wickets each, defending a meagre target of 127 runs.

Peshawar Zalmi, on the other hand, lost to Quetta Gladiators by one run in the third playoff on Tuesday — a match they should have won, but poor finishing cost them an easier route to the final.

The defeat will be on the minds of the Zalmi players when they make a second attempt to reach the final against Karachi Kings.