5 horrific sports incidents


Sports is generally believed to provide its spectators with all sorts of entertainment and other fun filled stuff but it would be sanctimonious not to mention some of the truly dreadful and horrific incidents that shocked the sporting world.

Although there are many such instances where such sports tragedies took place so its worth taking a look at some of them.

Ayrton Senna 

Three time Formula 1 world champion hailing from Brazil was involved in a accident during the 1994 San Marino GP in Italy when his car crashed into the concrete barriers. He died on 1st May 1994.


Munich Air Disaster

This disaster is perhaps the greatest one in the history of Great Britain as a vast majority of players from famous football club Manchester United were killed in this plane crash. On February 6th 1958 the plane crashed on it’s third attempt to take off from the Munich Airport.


Raymond Chapman 

During a baseball match way back in 1920 a throw from Carl Mays hits Raymond Chapman on the head which resulted in his death a few hours later. He became the first player to die during a MLB game.


Phillip Hughes 

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was a talented Aussie opener and had a bright future ahead of him but it was unfortunate to see him depart in such a manner. He was hit on the neck from a bouncer during a Sheffield Shield match on 25th November 2014 and he expired two days later.


1955 Le Mans Disaster 

The Le Mans disaster was perhaps the most deadliest incident in the history of sports. Race car driver Pierre Levegh was involved in a crash which killed him and 83 spectators because the fragments of racing car debris flew into the crowd.


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