5 solutions to bring back Pakistan’s glory days


Pakistan have rich history in sports and the titles they won back in the day is something this sports loving nation is proud of. There was a time in the 1990s that Pakistan were world beaters in 3-4 sports at the same time and their supremacy in Asian sports was second to none.

It is disheartening to see the current state of sports in Pakistan because the degeneration has been a quick and painful one for the fans who get behind their team whenever they are out their on the field. Although it is very easy to point out the problems associated with Pakistan cricket but we hardly ever see someone providing the solutions to those problems which is why it is indispensable to bring those under the limelight.

Promote Merit

Merit is of pivotal importance in any sphere of life let alone sports but this is missing from our setup and until we don’t bring up the talented and deserving individuals to the highest level success can not be attained and our sporting debacle will continue. For instance if we look at cricket we always tend to witness that a certain batch of players is always in the loop to play international cricket and the same lot is tried time and again rather than opting for players who are continuously performing at the national level. This is also true for other sports like hockey and football who are going through a dismal phase and nothing seems to be working in the right manner.


Merit is not just restricted to players because we even see officials who do not know a thing about sports are gifted with top level posts and when such a things happens the results are eventually disastrous. After every significant loss the same story of rotating the same individuals is repeated and the old faces are handed a different job within the same structure and from the outside it is tried to portray that major changes were made when in fact nothing has happened for the betterment of the game.

Exclude Government Interference

Government interference should never be a part of sports because it absolutely ruins the democratic nature prevailing within the system and excessive involvement means that concrete steps for the development of the game itself face stumbling blocks. The government and the sports bodies should be separate entities responsible for the work they they do so that proper accountability can be carried out to ensure that the utilization of resources is to the optimum level.


Upbringing Of Grass Root Level

For sports in a country to proceed it is vital that the grass root level is promoted and youngsters are backed from the very beginning to horn their skills through proper infrastructure and adequate facilities so that they are in the right shape when they step into international cricket. It is noted that players who come out from our domestic setup are usually not acclimatized with the standards of international cricket which is why they find it difficult to excel at the highest of level.

The authorities should ensure grounds are made at school, college and university level along with proper coaching so that students are given the best possible resources at every level. This will help nurture the raw talent and it will be beneficial for Pakistan in the long term scenario.




Fitness is a key area of any sport and this is where our players clearly lack and are always injured time and again which hampers their own progression as a players and more importantly the combination of the side. Hockey in particular is an extremely fast paced game and this is one of the major causes why level of Pakistan hockey in the international world has gone down because our players lack the physical strength to live up to the expectations of this game. Players who are linked to this game are forced to follow a strict diet plan which involves highly nutritious food and drinks but this is not the case with our players and even if they are provided with such a routine diet plan it is either not implemented in the right fashion or in bits and pieces which is as good for nothing. It is important that sports bodies focus on this as well and ensure that our players get the best diet because, considering the poverty in our country, it is not possible that every athlete can afford such a diet.



Educations is something that can not be separated from sports because if the players do not have the proper knowledge it is not possible that they can get a grip of the tactical things associated with the game they play. Hardly any player which comes up through the system is properly educated which makes it a difficult proposition for them to mold their abilities in accordance with the requirements of the conditions prevailing. It should be strictly implemented that the younger lot which is interested in sports should give the same amount of importance to their studies as well because that is equally important in order to make a mark on the international level.

The aforementioned points should be worked upon if Pakistan is to stand tall as a leader in world sports once again and bring back the glory days.

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