A close look at Amir’s personal life


The Bolton born boxer Amir Khan is a very successful professional boxer but his wife has other views regarding his boxing career.

Talking to local media Faryal Makhdoom said that she wanted Amir to quit boxing and she did not want to see Amir in the boxing ring. She added that seeing Amir get punched during a match is a terrible sight for her which is why she never goes to Khan’s matches and support her at ringside.


While focusing on Amir’s private life routine Faryal was glad to mention that he is a very good husband and loves his daughter more than anyone. She said that he likes to spend most of his time with family whenever free and despite of his work related routine he still finds time for Faryal as well.

In her final comment she mentioned that Amir Khan is a practicing Muslim and he takes keen interest in fasts during the holy month of Ramadan.