A unique way to pay tribute in football


During the finals of the Polish football cup, Polish fans put up a unique show before the start of the game. Everybody was amazed to watch the stunning display showing affection for their favorite team.
It’s always interesting to see enthusiasm of fans during the football world cup but watching the high spirits and spontaneous reaction of fans during a live match is something unbelievable.

“The fire seen during the Polish cup final match in the stadium is not real but is a unique way adopted by the fans expressing their affection and support to their favorite team.”


Before the start of match thousands of football fans while entering the stadium waved flags and held lighted torches to convey victory message to their team.

Banners, torches and flags displayed an amazing scene and it looked as if a portion of the stadium was set on fire.

The organizers said there was no loss of life or property reported during this display. However it was a unique way of the fans to applaud and encourage their favorite team and a huge number of football fans rushed to the stadium to watch the match live.