A youngster should replace Younis Khan in the side, says Yousuf


Karachi: Former Pakistan ace batsmen Mohammad Yousuf has said that it is now about time that Pakistan look to bring fresh talent in the side in order to replace Younis Khan.

In his column for Sport360 Younis Khan said that Pakistan will be better off replacing Younis Khan with someone else because his reflexes has gotten slower and its difficult for him to counter the bowling.

“Younis Khan has also been struggling but I think it’s just a matter of him ageing. He is trying to find new ways of surviving at the wicket. I remember the legendary Brian Lara at the twilight of his career started jumping while batting because he was having difficulties against the pacers. That’s what Younis is doing too because as you get older your reflexes become slower. I really think it might be worth looking at younger talent to replace him in the future.” said Yousuf.

Pakistan’s pacer Mohammad Amir has not been that effective in England so far but Mohammad Yousf believes that we need to give some time because it’s not possible to get back his old rythm in a very short span of time.

“Mohammad Amir has had to deal with huge expectations as well as tough wickets and I think it’s important to remember that he has returned to Test cricket after an absence of five years. One can’t expect him to come back and immediately start taking a dozen wickets in each Test.” added Yousuf.