Aamir Khan leaves .. “Carries Sweet Memories”


World renowned Pakistan Origin British boxer Aamir Khan leaves Pakistan carrying sweet memories. “Karachi is the heart of Pakistan, promoting sports activities can make it a symbol of peace” says Aamir on his visit to Commissioner & Administrator Karachi  Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on Thursday.

He said he would extend his  full co operation in promoting social activities to restore peace and harmony in the city. “I will roam in the streets of Karachi when I come again to Pakistan” says Aamir. It’s my desire to see positive measures being taken to promote boxing in the city. The commissioner while offering Aamir Khan  to establish an academy under his name said the government would extend all  possible support in this regard.

At this occasion, the possibility of establishing an academy on one of these 3 sights ( Layari, KMC sports complex and Hawksbay) was considered. The Commissioner proposed to include the corporate sector in this Karachi academy project to help set up an exemplary boxing academy benefiting the whole world.

Taking such a measure will not only promote peace in the city but would send a positive message regarding Karachi across the world. Aamir Khan said he would send a written proposal to Commissioner Karachi enabling him to take necessary measures. Aamir also said he would revisit Pakistan in December to initialize the process.

The Commissioner while thanking Aamir Khan on his visit to Pakistan also presented a souvenir on behalf of the citizens and himself.