AB de Villiers contemplating retirement


A few days back a local South African newspaper reported that flamboyant batsman AB de Villiers was considering quitting the game because of deficiencies in the Proteas system.

AB de Villiers responded to these rumors and said that the current schedule is taking a toll on his body and he wants some sort of rest here and there. He added that enjoying cricket is the most important thing for him and wants the schedule to be revisited as we move forward (quotes vis ESPN cricinfo)

“There are a lot of rumours flying around I hear, but for the last two to three years the only talk I’ve been doing is to keep myself fresh and to have a bit of rest here and there,” de Villiers said. “It’s always been the most important thing for me to enjoy my cricket. It’s just important to look at the schedule moving forward, that’s the talk in the camp and for me maybe not to play all kinds of cricket.”

AB also added that playing for his country is the most important thing and playing the full season of IPL makes the season tiring especially towards the end of the year.

“If I play all the IPL games the whole season, I do get a bit tired towards the end of the season,” he said. “That’s the only thing that I’ve been talking about in the last while. To keep myself fresh and to keep enjoying the game. I love representing my country and nothing has changed.”


After the third day’s play at Durban, team manger Moosajee said that AB is a important part of the Proteas setup and when the new contracts are announced in May but until then he will play all formats for his national side. He added that in the future they will try to make sure that players get adequate amount or rest period in between the season.

“When any international cricketer plays for 10 or more years, there is a concern about what happens when they stop playing,”

“That discussion will take place when new contracts are announced in May. Until the end of the season, he is committed to playing all forms. It’s all about getting the perfect balance. And getting the time to take time off.”


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