Abdul Qadir supports proposals for bat size restrictions


Islamabad: Pakistan’s former leg spinner Abdul Qadir has backed the notion regarding the change in the dimensions of bats as the bowlers and particularly spinners were suffering as a result. He added that the batsmen were getting an unfair advantage due the bat they are currently using and the bowlers are at the mercy of batsmen.

“I fully support Ricky Ponting, Ian Chappel and others who have proposed limits on the size of bats,” Qadir told APP on Tuesday.

“I believe that there should be a fair contest between the bat and ball. But it in today’s cricket the bats have been improved besides dimensions of boundaries have been reduced. This has resulted in leaving the bowlers entirely at the mercy of batsmen,” Qadir reckoned.

“If a player of big height like Pakistan’s Mohammad Irfan is using a bat with a big handle then it is okay. But it is a matter of concern when someone of an average size is using a really big and really light bat.”

Abdul Qadir asked International Cricket Council (ICC) to take measures for maintaining a balance between the bat and ball.

“The ICC should concentrate on the issue. The concerns of former cricket greats are genuine and should be taken seriously,” he added.