Action against Pakistani spinners considered as “BIG THREE” conspiracy


Lahore: Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram says “If there was any fault in Bilal Asif’s bowling action it should have been taken care of earlier.”

In a statement he said, If there was any fault in Bilal’s action why was he allowed to play International matches? Such problems could only be resolved with the help of Bio-mechanical Labs. Pakistan fortunately has the equipment for this project lying idle but no one knows about its fate. Making the lab operative can benefit Pakistan cricket in future.


Abdul Qadir declares reporting such actions against Pakistan spinners time and again a conspiracy of the “BIG THREE” and says it reflects PCB’s weakness. Ramiz Raja also says, frequent reporting of such actions damage the country’s name and the players career as well.

The former leg spinner Abdul Qadir in an interview said, if West Indies Sunil Narine and India’s Ashwin are allowed to bowl , why not our bowlers. Every time before the start of any big event such things crop up and since the England series are about to begin, Bilal Asif’s action is being declared as suspect.


Ramiz Raja says , Bilal Asif’s suspect action is a big blow to the team. Muhammad Yousuf on the other end suggests utilizing Saqlain Mushtaq’s expertise who was one of the world’s greatest spinners to help improve our bowling action.