Afghan team fully geared up for WT20 says Inzamam


Nagpur: Coach Inzamam ul Haq says Afghan team is fully prepared for WT20 and will definitely clear the qualifying round.

In a BBC interview he said after the Asia qualifying round the players have worked hard in the camp, we fully utilized the 15-20 days and tried to overcome our weaknesses experienced in the Asia cup. The former Pakistan captain said, as a coach I think there is a need for Afghanistan team to play matches at the international level. It would be my utmost desire the team plays the entire tournament, if one match is lost the next one can be played so that the players are able to show their capability to the world.

Inzamam ul Haq said our target is not to defeat any specific country but to move to the second round of WT20. Our eyes are set on the matches of 8th, 10th and 12th March. Our immediate target is to first qualify and then face South Africa and England teams and we’ll try our best to put up a good show. Regarding T20 matches Inzamam said in such cricket considering any team to be weak is inappropriate, Scotland side is very good and so is Hong Kong which can’t be taken easy.


He further said, Zimbabwe team remained a full member of the ICC and is quite experienced and has all chances to move ahead but the Afghan team is also very strong.

He said we’ll have to work hard with full devotion without taking any match easy. Somehow the Afghan players are not getting a chance of a break through, Shahzad, Nabi and Daulat are extremely capable players. We have inducted a new player Rashid Rehman who is also very good, spinners Hamza and Gul Badin are international level players. Inzamam said the TV coverage of Afghan team matches will definitely increase their demand at the leagues of various countries.

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