Afridi lauds Rashid Latif’s efforts to find talent in Sindh

Afridi lauds Rashid Latif's efforts to find talent in Sindh

Pakistan’s former all-rounder and Karachi Kings’ president, Shahid Afridi lauded Rashid Latif’s efforts, while addressing the opening ceremony of Karachi Kings’ tournament Sindh Ke Shehzade, for holding open trials in Sindh and unearthing precious cricketing talent from the province.

Rashid Latif, the team director and team advisor of Karachi Kings, held trials in different parts of Sindh along with his team to find the hidden talent there, one of the discovered talented players, Mushtaq Kalhoro also featured Karachi Kings in PSL 3.

Shahid Afridi said during his address that he always wondered why Pakistan’s national side do not feature players from Sindh, but Karachi Kings’ efforts will promote cricketers from that part of Pakistan to play at the highest level.

“I wished to work in Sindh, because all of the players in Pakistan national team are from either Punjab, KPK or Karachi,” stated Shahid Afridi.

“I want to stand here and clap myself for Rashid Bhai for the way he has worked in Sindh, he and his team have worked extremely well. I remember them carrying out trials in different parts of Sindh in summers, covering different cities in such weather with almost no facilities is commendable,” he went on to say.

The ceremony was also attended by provincial minister Nasir Hussain Shah, who assured all possible support to Karachi Kings for promoting the sports in the province.

After talking to the ceremony, Shahid Afridi inaugurated the tournament, Sindh Ke Shehzade, by facing a delivery at Naya Nazimabad cricket stadium.

Karachi Kings’ tournament will feature five teams named HSJ Nawabshah Ke Shehzade, Igloo Sukkur Ke Shehzade, Bridge Power Hyderabad Ke Shehzade, Hawk Mirpurkhas Ke Shehzade and Homage Karachi Ke Shehzade.

The tournament will be played from September 9th to 14th at Naya Nazimabad cricket stadium.

The tournament will feature the top 75 talented players from all over Sindh. The best performers may get a chance to play PSL 4.

The opening game between Homage Karachi Ke Shehzade and Power Bridge Hyderabad Ke Shehzade will be televised live on PTV National, while the other games will be broadcast live on PTV Sports.