Afridi’s best pump him up for major events


Popular all rounder Shahid Afridi said he was happy after achieving a career best 5-7 in the Pakistan Super League game for Pehsawar, hoping that it will put him in good stead for next week’s Asia Cup in Bangladesh followed by World Twenty20 in India.

The match against Quetta Gladiator on Sunday was Afridi’s 200th Twenty20 overall (list A and international) and he bettered his 5-20 with a superb four-over spell in which one was maiden.

“It’s good to hear that I have achieved my best career figures,” said Afridi

“Playing two three games at a trot is tough and is challenging to lift you up. I always think my performance is vital for the team so I lifted myself and bowled as per the requirement.

“I hope this continues in the Asia Cup and then in the World Twenty20. I didn’t know that this is my best performance but its good feeling. I think in this format a captain’s performance is always vital. I think consistency is good, if you do well then put into your account and play better in the next match.”

Afidi said PSL is good for young Pakistani players.


“PSL is good for new talent. We dont get crowd in our domestic matches so they dont play under any pressure but here I have noticed that with some good crowds here they are doing well under crowd pressure so after two three years they will learn to play well with big crowds and under pressure and then they come at international level they knew how to play under pressure.”

Afridi said he was not in favour of too many changes in Pakistan team but some players did not give performances and we left out.

“If you remember that I had said that I take one team and don’t make too many changes but there was not a good response, every player get full chance, there is no player who didnt get confidence but obviously when you dont give performance then you have to make changes, we have Asia Cup to check.”

Afridi said he has not planned what to do after he retires from international cricket following the World Twenty20.

“I have not planned anything for future. For me every day is new and beautiful so you plan but they are not as Allah plans for you. It’s always better to look day by day. I enjoy playing with kids so I dont know what to say because it will change. I have a hospital and doing some charity work.”

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