Ahmad Amin Bodla registers 10th Guinness World Record

Ahmad Amin Bodla registers 10th Guinness World Record

Pakistani Martial artist, Ahmad Amin Bodla placed full contact punches for 18,188 times in an hour holding 1 kilogram of weight in each hand.

Around two years back, Guinness introduced this category and the least number of punches set for the record was 10,000. In the past two years, no one could complete the challenge successfully.

Ahmad Amin Bodla proudly calls himself the first man in the world to claim this record.

“I have become the first person to do it by striking 18,188 in one hour. I struck punches non stop for one hour without a single second pause,” Bodla stated.

It is the 10th time the martial artist from Lahore has made his way to Guinness Book of World Records.

His major records are most kicks in one minute (355), most kicks in three minutes (801) and most kicks in an hour (6970).

He is determined to break 16 more records in the remaining of 2018 under the coaching of his international coaches Sverre Diesen and Norman Breese.

“My aim is to break 16 more Guinness World Records in the remaining of 2018, hence becoming a 25 times Guinness World Record Holder by the end of the year,” he revealed. “I have been training very hard for the last few months,” he added.