Ahmad Amin Bodla – A Precious Pakistani Gem Finding Its Worth


Who would have thought a child who had severe asthma, had water in his lungs when he was just a few days old and couldn’t run a couple of yards as a toddler to be grown up as a five Guiness world record holder martial artist? Ahmed Amin Bodla is a special talent, he is a pride of Pakistan. His records include most martial arts kicks in 1 min with 355 kicks, most martial arts kicks in 3 mins with 783 kicks (previously held by him with 616 kicks), most martial arts kicks in one hour with 6970 kicks and the most full contact knee strikes in 1 min with 79 strikes.


Ahmad, son of a retired Brigadior, started training for martial arts at an age of 15 years. He had extraordinary capabilities that made him master the tough art within almost no time. It all started in 2008, when the law and order situation of the country wasn’t good enough. Due to his influential father, he had some guards posted at his home to protect them and the entire. The commander of those guards was an army trained blackbelt. Ahmad was in grade 9 at that time, he insisted that commander to teach him martial arts and it was the beginning of a glorious journey.

Ahmad expressed his wish for learning Taekwondo to his father and he inducted him in the army camp where they used to get trained. As he was young as compared to other armymen there, he was usually ignored by those big sized soldiers considering him a kid. Ahmed says “I used to go there in the evening, but, they didn’t use to teach me, I used to practice myself by copying their moves. I was so young that they used to say you are not at our level yet”. But, Ahmad had the passion to learn, when the a test for the blackbelt was around the corner, he contacted that commando again and asked to train him for the test. Within no time, Ahmad was fully prepared to take up the big challenge, “He trained me for around 8 hours daily for almost two months. They were not ready to take my test, my trainer forced them to do so and I cleared it.”


After achieving that feat, Bodla left martial arts for two years and diverted his attention towards studies. He never thought about attempting a world record till the day he saw a video of a Spanish Master breaking a record on YouTube. It was the record for the most kicks in a minute. Ahmad says, “I felt its not difficult, I put up the mattress with the wall and attempted, I kicked 70 times in 20 seconds without any prior practice”. Ahmad got his first world record registered during the Punjab Youth Festival in 2012. There were actually Guiness people invited in that edition of Punjab Youth Festival and they were keeping a close eye to all the technicalities and it was hard to smash records in that edition.

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Since then, Bodla has not looked back, he was hungry for success, he wanted to prove his worth and he has achieved all of that on his own. The martial artist has no coach to train him and he has got a valid reason for that, “I don’t have a coach, when no one has attempted records here, no one knows anything about it, so how can they coach or advise me?” Ahmed trains himself for different records, there are some foreign masters, who guide him a bit. It was his determination that has evolved him into a trainer, coach, analyst and everything within himself. The lad is so devoted that when he was attempting his first world record, he had an injured right foot and he had to attempt kicks from that bandaged foot. When he was halfway in attempting the record, the bandage loosen up and his foot started bleeding, he didn’t put his foot down because he was afraid that he might not be able to lift it again.

Ahmad Amin Bodla has been inducted in the USA martial arts hall of fame last year. But, the gloomy fact is that there hasn’t been done anything for this hero of Pakistan by our government. He has gotten no recognition at the government level despite the fact that he is a son of a brigadior. He has a clear perception about the government, “I expect efforts from people like Malik Riaz and others, only these people can help, I have zero expectations from our government.”


He is currently doing BS in computer science from University of Lahore. There is absolutely no financial gains for breaking world records in Pakistan, “If I had financial gains with martial arts, I wouldn’t have gone for the degree, but, I know, I can’t earn my living with my talent in this country”. He further adds, “I have to move foreign after completing my degree, if you attempt a record there, you get sponsors, media coverage and appreciation. Whereas, in Pakistan, you get nothing, but, a little media attention.” Due to the indifferent behavior of our government, another gem of Pakistan will shine for another country tomorrow.

The boy has a hectic schedule, he gets hardly a couple of hours for training from his busy routine. He is a full time student and does not ask teachers for any special considerations. He attends all the lectures, take examinations and submit assignments before the due date like any other student. This is why, in spite of being a five times Guiness world record holder, he has a CGPA of 3.6. He is blessed enough to break all the records at his will with just training a couple of hours daily. There are three world records for kicks registered in Guiness and he is the one holding all of them. There is no one near his records so far, that’s the class this man has!


Ahmad Amin Bodla is ready to serve Pakistan, he runs an academy in the Bahria Town, Lahore. The adminstration of Bahria Town has allotted a place to this young man, where he operates his academy. Being the world record holder and having so much popularity all around the globe, he still charges a minimal fees Rs. 2000 per month. It is evident that the man is selflessly ready to enlighten his country with his precious knowledge.


Bodla is also a blackbelt in Karate. As he has been trained with the army commandos, self defense is his specialty. He knows about the poor law and order situation of the country, thus, he is focusing to write a book on self defense. He has almost completed his book and busy in giving it some final touches. The man thinks that his effort will be extremely useful for girls in the country. Ahmed wants Pakistani girls to learn self defense from his book and defend themselves in the society.


After achieving so much so early in his life, Ahmad advises youngesters to practice martial arts only if they are blessed with enough financial resources. He says, “To train martial arts professionally, you need money. The training equipments are expansive. My family has always supported me with it and I am lucky in this regard. People quit martial arts after reaching a certain level because they do not have enough facilities”. Although, his statement seems extremely discouraging for youngsters and many of you may not agree with his words. But, the fact he is well aware about the attitude of governments towards atheletes, he thinks, “Pakistan is full of talented sportsmen, but, government does not pay a heed to anyone other than cricketers”. Ahmed has a clear mindset, if you want to achieve anything in Pakistan, you have to achieve it on your own capacity.