‘ Air Pollution’ could be the cause of losing Asia Cup


According to a report published by WHO in 2014, Bangladesh ranks number 4 among the list of countries most affected by air pollution. Mirpur’s polluted air could be a cause for such a disastrous performance shown by the Pakistan team at the recently played Asia Cup. You might get surprised reading this but if we consider the recent studies done by German scientists to be true, blaming the players only for this defeat is not justified.


German scientists have claimed in their studies that air pollution affects the players performance. In a study conducted for laborers in the Institute of study of Laborers at Bonn, a team of researchers decided to adopt a method of gauging the performance of players compared to the city’s level of air pollution during the competitions.

So between 1990 to 2011 the teams of the country’s largest Football League ‘Bundesliga’ were kept under observation for their performance while playing matches. These matches were played at Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne. The research team during this period collected statistical data of air pollution in these cities.

During the 12 years of study 2956 football matches were played in 32 stadiums in which a total of 1771 players from 29 teams participated. The researchers while watching the video recording of all these matches noted for every match, how many times did each player give a ‘pass’ to his team players. The total number of ‘passes’ were calculated comparing the city’s and in particular the stadium’s air pollution level of the same day on which this match was played.

The researchers disclosed the results of the study and said due to the rise of a particular matter in the atmosphere by one percent, there was a decrease in ‘passes’ of 0.2 percent. According to experts the effect of air pollution on players keeps increasing with the increase in age. It was observed that the presence of harmful matter in the atmosphere had more affect on players above the age of 30, particularly the ones playing at the midfield and the defender position.
Like many countries in the world football in Germany is also a popular game. That is why the researchers confined their studies to football. However they said, based on their research air pollution does affect the players performance depending on the environment in which he is running around. Therefore we can easily say to some extent, the air pollution at Bangladesh also played a role in Pakistan’s bad performance at the Asia Cup. We need to be careful blaming the players only for such a performance.

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