Ajmal appreciates inauguration of biomechanics lab


KARACHI: Saeed Ajmal has appreciated the inauguration of PCB’s biomechanics lab with the collaboration of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on Tuesday.

Ajmal believes that the machinery will come handy for many growing cricketers in the country, he also said that had the lab been inaugurated two years ago, it would have helped him as well.

“Finally there is a biomechanics lab in Pakistan, something which should have been done a couple of years back. If we had this facility, I could have modified my action,” Ajmal told Express Tribune.

Saeed Ajmal is hoping that all the cricketers in Pakistan will have access to the lab, not just the national players, “I hope the PCB makes it accessible to every cricketer and not just the national players. There are a lot of kids who might be facing problems of chucking and they need to be guided. If the PCB makes it cost-effective, then many bowlers would benefit from it.”

For the time being, the lab is set up in LUMS, but, the plan is to shift it to a more spacious place, however, there is no timeline mentioned by the board yet.

Currently, the lab is not big enough to test fast bowling actions with full run up and does not have camera below the pitch, which is a key element in analyzing bowling action from all angles.

According to a senior PCB officials, the university will use the facility of biomechanics lab for other purposes as well other than testing bowling actions.

“It’s great that the lab has been inaugurated. It will definitely help Pakistan cricket. We’ve also been told by the professors [at LUMS] that they will not limit the equipment’s use to just monitoring cricketers. In fact, a new course, in collaboration with foreign universities, will also be introduced,” revealed the official.

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