‘Alex Hales’s comeback may take some time’ Eoin Morgan


Manchester: England’s captain Eoin Morgan indicated towards delay in Alex Hales’s comeback after facing a ban due to recreational drug use. 

“I’ve spoken to Alex and certainly see an avenue for him to come back – but when there’s a breakdown of trust, the only healer is time,” Morgan said.

“It’s only been 12 or 13 months since the incident, which could have cost us four years of hard work,” he added.

Morgan highlighted the importance of being disciplined on and off the field while representing the country.

“Playing cricket for England is about on and off the field – values we adhere to – and Alex showed complete disregard for them. He needs to build that up for as long as he can and then hopefully an opportunity will present itself down the line,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that the 31-year-old Alex was sent into international exile as a result of recreational drug use and was dropped from the World Cup squad shortly before last year’s tournament.

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