Ali Tareen retains Multan Sultans as the name of his PSL team

Ali Tareen retains Multan Sultans as the name of his PSL team

The owner of The Sixth Team of the Pakistan Super League, Ali Tareen announced on Sunday that he will retain ‘Multan Sultans’ as the name of his team.

Tareen said in a video message that he had other names in options as well, but the fans urged him to go with Multan Sultans, dropping the other two options Multan Bahadurs and Multan Malangs.

“We took opinion from the people of South Punjab,” he said. “A vast majority suggested us to retain the name.”

The son of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s leader stated that he wanted a team that belonged to the whole South Punjab rather than just a city, which is why he took suggestions from people of Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Khanewal. They all participated with great zeal in suggesting a name.

“My own favourite was Multan Bahadurs because you have to be bahadurĀ (brave) in T20 cricket,” he said. “But fans wanted us not to change Multan Sultans and we gave public opinion the importance.”

Earlier, Ali Tareen acquired the rights of PSL’s sixth franchise for seven years by exceeding Pakistan Cricket Board’s reserve price of $5.21 million.

The fourth season of the PSL will be played from February 14 to March 17. Pakistan will host eight matches, three in Lahore and five in Karachi including the final of the tournament.