We will also focus on promoting football, boxing: Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

KARACHI: Shahid Afridi revealed his plans that he along with Rashid Latif intends to promote not only the game of cricket in Sindh and Pakistan, but also football and boxing.

Pakistan’s former captains, Shahid Afridi and Rashid Latif were emphasizing on the importance of developing cricket academies in Karachi and interior Sindh, when they mentioned that they want to work for other sports as well.

“I and Rashid Bhai have discussed plans of promoting football and boxing among kids as there is an abundance of talent of these sports in interior Sindh,” said Shahid Afridi during Karachi Kings’ press conference on Tuesday.

“We want to give facilities for other sports as well,” he added.

President Karachi Kings Shahid Afridi praised the team director Rashid Latif for unearthing impressive talent from the city of Karachi after holding open trials and handpicking players with extraordinary talent.

“Rashid Bhai is working with Karachi Kings for the last two years, he has found a number of players and has given them substantial opportunities, which should be appreciated,” he said.

The star all-rounder also stated that Karachi Kings do not want to restrict itself only to a team, they want to spread their boundaries and give opportunities to the budding cricketers.

“The motive of Karachi Kings is not only to step into the ground to play cricket and return to home, but we want to give ample opportunities to children of Karachi as well as of interior Sindh,” he added.

Afridi asked the owner of Karachi Kings, Mr. Salman Iqbal, to build an academy as he himself could not find a place for it.

“Cricket academy is extremely important and the academy should not only restrict itself to the sport, it should educate children about other aspects of life as well,” he added.

Rashid Latif told that he is excited with the presence of Shahid Afridi in Karachi Kings ranks.

“Karachi Kings have been working for cricket in the city, but with the inclusion of Shahid Afridi in the franchise, it will surely make a lot of difference,” he said.

During the press conference, Karachi Kings also announced Imad Wasim as their skipper for the third season of Pakistan Super League.