Amir Dogar announces to contest PFF elections

Amir Dogar announces PFF elections

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s leader, Amir Dogar announced on Monday that he will contest Pakistan Football Federation’s elections and the Punjab Football Association have their support behind him.

Dogar said that he wants to see the sport of football to thrive in this country. Pakistan was a prominent name four decades back in Asian football.

“Bringing forward football talent in Pakistan is our top priority,” said Dogar. “Forty years back, Pakistan football was in a much better position in Asia.”

Faisal Saleh Hayat got hold of the PFF office as the president in 2003. He won the elections for the fourth consecutive time in 2015, the rival group challenged the outcome of the elections and called it rigged. The matter was then forwarded to Lahore High Court, who appointed an administrator to look after the matter and hold fresh elections.

Since then, there were two factions operating in the federation, which put international football activities in the country to a standstill and there were no international assignments for three years.

The membership of PFF was suspended by the FIFA due to third-party intervention (government) in October 2017 and was reinstated in March 2018, when Hayat took the charge back.

Dogar further talked about taking football to the district level and is determined to keep the federation separated from politics.