Amir Khan eyeing career’s last fight against Manny Pacquiao or Kell Brook


London: Pakistan-born British boxer Amir Khan wants to end his boxing career with a marquee fight against ring great Manny Pacquiao or in an all-British contest with Kell Brook.

The former world champion had reportedly been considering retirement but is determined to go out with a flourish against high-class opposition.

“I have a couple of fights left in me, one or two at least,” Khan said while speaking to promoter Eddie Hearn via Instagram on Friday. “A Manny Pacquiao fight is huge, wherever it was, then you have Kell Brook, another massive fight in the UK,” he added.

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He doesn’t know when his next fight might be as coronavirus pandemic has led to a state of lockdown in Britain, with boxing one of several major sports worldwide effectively suspended by the spread of COVID-19.

“I want to fight, we just don’t know how long the coronavirus is going to last,” he added.

Last week, Amir has offered his 60,000 square foot property to National Health Service (NHS) to help with the bed crisis amid the coronavirus epidemic in Boston.

He also donated PKR40million to the Pakistan government for coronavirus emergency fund. He also announced to give his Islamabad Boxing Academy to the government as a quarantine for the coronavirus patients.

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