Amir Khan comes forward to support Syrian refugees


Pakistani origin British boxer Amir Khan appeals to the public and his fans to donate clothes, shoes and other items for the Syrian refugees.

The British boxer posted a video on Instagram detailing his plans to help the refugees.

Amir Khan in his video message said “It’s heart- heartbreaking to see images of children losing their lives as their families flee from devastating conflict.

“We’re seeing stories of people in countries like Germany doing so much for refugees and I know people in the UK are just as generous and thoughtful.” He added.

According to Amir Khan an aid convoy will set off from Bolton, Khan’s home town for the Greek island of Lesbos. Amir Khan has said that he will personally hand out donations to the refugees.

Amir Khan Foundation has acquired the support of ‘Penny Appeal’ welfare organization to support his cause of helping refugees. Aamir Khan has appealed the public to deposit clothes, shoes and other items which will be sent to Greek island Lesbos. The items collected through the foundation will be sent to Lesbos island in Greece.

The Head of Penny Appeal, Adeem Younus has said that they are daily receiving refugees on the sea shores of Europe. The refugees have nothing except their clothes. The contribution and donation to this cause will make a significant difference.

Amir Khan also vows to collect essential items from all around Britain. All the collected items will be sent to Lesbos on September 19th.

According to Adeem Younus,  Amir Khan the twice world champion has always been supportive during International calamities. It’s pertinent to mention that Amir Khan  donated a pair of £30,000 gold threaded ring trunks to the students of Army Public School who were martyred during the Taliban attack last year.