Amir Khan to donate Rs40mn to Pakistan for COVID-19 emergency fund


Manchester: UK-born Pakistani boxer Amir Khan will donate PKR40million to Pakistan government for coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency fund.

Khan took to Instagram to announce his contribution and also announced to give his Islamabad Boxing Academy to the government as a quarantine for the coronavirus patients.

“I want to play my role in saving lives,” Amir Khan said. ” There is a room of placing 100 beds and if boxing ring can be moved so it can cover more space,” he added.

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Earlier, Amir has offered his 60,000 square foot property to National Health Service (NHS) to help with the bed crisis amid the coronavirus epidemic in Boston.

I am aware of how difficult it is for the public to get a hospital bed in this tragic time. I am prepared to give my 60,000 square foot 4 story building which is due to be a wedding hall and retail outlet to the NHS to help people affected by the coronavirus. please keep safe.” he wrote on Twitter.

It must be noted here that the entire world is suffering through coronavirus. Several countries have locked down their cities completely to avoid further spread of this disease. Popular sports events around the world have also been postponed for an indefinite period.

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