Is Amir Khan ready to accept the battle with Bashir Ahmad?

Shukriya Pakistan

Sting Challenge has really boost Bashir Ahmad’s Adrenaline On its brink, In response to Amir Khan’s challenge a British-Pakistani boxer champion in a recent Sting advertisement circulate an open dare. Bashir Ahmad is a renowned Mixed Martial Art pro and is known as Godfather of Pakistani Mixed Martial Arts, he was born in Faisalabad and soon migrated to USA in his early age. He served in US army and learnt his martial art lessons while he was deployed to Iraq from 2004-2005.

Bashir Somchai Ahmad has rise for competing the challenge arranged by Amir Khan through his facebook account and wants to display his MMA skills. Bashir’s major goal is to introduce the Martial Arts to his country. Bashir is the first person to represent Pakistan in the international MMA competition .
His facebook status goes like this:

Let’s see if Amir Khan accepts the challenge as Bashir Somchai Ahmad wants to fight.