Amir Khan stands behind Pakistani boxers amid nationwide lockdown


Karachi: Amir Khan said that he is providing financial support to the boxing community in Pakistan amid a nationwide lockdown situation. 

In a video conference, Khan revealed that a Karachi-based boxer Nadir Baloch contacted him for financial support so that he can facilitate the boxing community in Lyari.

“Nadir contacted me a couple of days ago and asked me for some financial support so that he can help the boxing community around him which is suffering through the difficult condition. See, I am always there to support boxers in Pakistan,” the British-born-Pakistani said.

The British pugilist had started ration drive in Islamabad where he accommodated 10,000 families. “I assigned my team in Pakistan to distribute ration bags among the needy families. I own Pakistani people and I am with them through every thick and thin,” he added.

Upon being asked, Khan said that he might be retiring from professional boxing next year. “I am aiming a world title for the fourth time after which I maybe consider taking retirement from professional boxing. Once the current situation settles down, I will start training for my nest fights,” he concluded.

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