Amir Khan targets move from boxing to MMA


Pakistani origin British boxer Amir Khan hasn’t denied his transition from boxing to mixed martial arts (MMA).
He has indicated to go towards the octagon ring rather than the boxing ring before the beginning of his career’s biggest fight.

The 29 year old boxer is busy preparing to face Saul Alvarez in the middleweight order of the World boxing championship to be held in Las Vegas.

He said he thinks his speed and elusiveness would make him ideally suitable for the MMA and he would not let anyone come close to him.

He said “we have a lot of shows in Dubai” and last year when I was at the SFL show watching the guys of my weight, I swear , even though I have no experience of mixed martial arts, I could have stepped in and done something.”
He further said “ I really thought of going in and doing something crazy but luckily I didn’t, I probably would have got banned from boxing.”

I have already got training in mixed martial arts and have enjoyed every bit of it and its good for preparing to fight against people like Alvarez who like to bring you under pressure.

It may be remembered that Amir Khan is not the first boxer to join MMA.

UFC’s former bantamweight champion Holly Holm before coming to this field was a professional boxer.

Amir Khan has been a great fan of UFC and he thinks he has the capability to face the big stars of this game.

He said “doing MMA’s training means I know where I stand and its all about the feet. MMA is a bit slower than boxing but you can make up for that using your elbows and knees.”

He said “don’t worry I can kick hard and the boxer’s punch is much harder than MMA fighters. Just imagine Mike Tyson as a heavyweight hitting a guy on the floor 20 times, what a terrible condition.”

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