Amir Khan vows to prepare Pakistani boxers for Olympics 2020

Shukriya Pakistan

Islamabad: Amir Khan visited his academy in Islamabad in order to train the young boxers. At this occasion, the famous British boxer said “My target is to prepare boxers in Pakistan for the future Olympics. In a few years Pakistani boxers will be prepared to win medals in international events.”

During the opening session of the boxing academy under his name at the Pakistan sports complex, Amir Khan while speaking to the journalists said “My agenda is not to gain fame, I am already blessed by the Almighty and Pakistan always rests in my heart. My father Sajjad Khan has given me a task to serve Pakistan and I think Pakistani boxers are no less than any boxer in the world but due to limited resources they are unable to present themselves, the government will have to play its role in promoting the game of boxing.”

Amir Khan added “I will meet everyone in Pakistan for promoting boxing. Today my father’s dream has come true, I have almost spent Ten million rupees from my personal account to fulfill my parent’s desire and I will continue supporting Pakistan in future also.”

At this occasion tight security arrangements were observed and many young enthusiasts could be seen around in the academy.