Amir’s inclusion not a good idea-Inzamam


Former Pakistan skipper and great batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq has come out with a strong statement about the inclusion of tainted left arm fast bowler Mohammad Amir in the national side as he thinks that this will not impact the team in the right manner. Mohammad Amir has been in the news these days because of his performance in the Bangladesh Premier League where he has impressed one and all with his skillful bowling upfront and at the back end of the innings.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to allow either Amir or the two other players involved in the spot fixing scandal back into the Pakistan team,”

“I just feel that if Amir is selected again for the national team it will divert the focus of the other players away from cricket and there will be added pressure on them and Amir,”


He added that if Amir is included in the squad that visits countries like Australia,England or India it will be very difficult for the team to concentrate because their media will focus on Amir a lot and try to distract the team.

“I know from experience that if Amir is selected in the Pakistan team and when it goes to England, Australia or even India the media will just focus on him and it will mean problems in the dressing room,”

He also added that the PCB should adopt a clear policy regarding the players who tarnished the image of the country because nothing comes before the country and so the board should clear the air regarding the matter. He was adamant that the highest honor for any athlete is playing for its country and players should keep that in their mind before getting involved in such corrupt activities.

“The PCB needs to be clear in its stance on players who have been involved in corruption and tarnishing the image of the country. Because playing for the national team is the highest honor for any athlete,”

Finally Inzamam questioned the fact that whenever Pakistan will not perform well in the future, people will point fingers at the team and the tainted players in particular which will hamper concentration of cricketers in the team and they will be distracted from the real deal that is cricket.

“I can imagine the questions that would be asked if Pakistan lost a close match or if he couldn’t perform at the right time. I can imagine the taunts from the crowd and all these things will only divert the attention of the team away from cricket,”