Andy Flower enjoying his stint with Zalmi


The assistant coach of the Peshawar Zalmi side Andy Flower has no worries whatsoever as far as the language barriers are concerned.

Flower admitted that learning Pasto in such a short span of time is not easy but he was happy to see the way the local players welcomed the foreigners and their willingness to speak english during team meetings, Andy Flower told Gulf News.

“We got a spread of languages and my intellectual capacity does not allow me to learn Pashto so quickly. Interestingly, all the guys have welcomed the foreigners into the group in a really nice way. They are always willing to speak English pretty much most of the time in team meetings so we feel very welcome and included”, said Flower

Regarding captain Shahid Afridi and head coach Mohammad Akram, Flower said that they both are skilled individuals who know how to lead a side and work successfully towards a common goal. He added that Afridi is an excellent leader and things circulating around can sometimes be misleading as the atmosphere in dressing room is absolutely fine.

“Akram and Afridi are two very good leaders and complement each other. Two excellent performances, it’s the start of the tournament but it’s a great start,”

“Shahid is an excellent leader and he is a guy whom other players follow. I know him fairly well – playing against him for many years, but reputations can sometimes be misleading. The things you read in the newspapers can be misleading sometimes. We get on very well and there is a nice easy atmosphere about the way Akram combines with Afridi.”


Flower also praised the PCB for initiating the PSL project and stressed on its importance for Pakistan cricket. He added that this league will have the same impact for Pakistan cricket just like the impact of IPL on Indian cricket and the experience from the overseas player will trickle down towards the youngsters.

“This is my first involvement in a franchise tournament but obviously, I watch other leagues as well with interest. I think it’s an interesting initiative by PCB and it’s important for Pakistan cricket that it proves to be a success.

“It has started successfully. I think there are five excellent sides, we should have brilliant cricket over the next couple of weeks and we have seen skillful performance and there is a lot of talent. It’s nice to see some excellent overseas players, but I think this tournament will be very good for Pakistan youngsters in the way the IPL has benefitted Indian cricket. I think they are mixing their own international players with some overseas players and that will give them a lot of confidence.”