Live: Arch rivals Pakistan and India face off at Ipoh


Pakistan and India locked horns once again but this in the field of hockey as the arch rivals came face to face in the group stage match of Sultan Azlan Shah hockey tournament at Ipoh, Malaysia.

Pakistan lost their last two matches in the tournament after having won the first one against Canada. India on the other hand are ranked third on the table and have won two out of their three matches.


First quarter

After the respective national anthems of both sides the match kicked off. Both teams have fielded their best possible squad in this match because of it’s importance.

The first few minutes have been quite slow with not much attacking play coming from both sides.


Manpreet Singh scores the first goal for India. Poor defending and goal keeping from the Pakistan players. India have got the perfect possible start.

India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan hanging back and waiting for a gap through a field but not many opportunities have come their way in the first 6-7 minutes.

Penalty corner for Pakistan, an opportunity to equalize the score.

The flick hits Rupindar which results in another penalty corner.


Pakistan;s captain Mohammad Irfan equalizes the score line through a good penalty corner conversion. Pakistan back on level terms with their captain leading from the front.


India ahead again as Sunil, vice captain, scores for India through a well placed field goal. Pakistan on the back foot once again as the first quarter approaches towards the end.

Three goals in the first quarter so far so a high scoring match is in sight.

At the end of first quarter India lead by 2-1.


Second Quarter

The action kicks off once again.

India controlling things in the first couple of minutes.

Free hit for India near the circle but it could not be materialized but never the less a penalty corner for India. Poor defending from Pakistan once again.

Brilliant save from Imran Butt!!!!!

That flick was fired in at 116 Kmph but denied by the Pakistan keeper, scintillating stuff.

India 2- 1 Pakistan ( 12 minutes in the second quarter)

Pakistan failed to manage any sort of penetration in the India half and their opposition have kept the pressure on them. Pakistan need to level the score quickly and shift the momentum otherwise it will be very difficult to get back in it later.

Bit of mix up in the back for India but they come away with it without any damage and they nearly score from a counter attack from the other end. You just can’t keep your eyes away from this match!

Halfway through the second quarter, India still leading by 2-1. 

Yellow card for Ramandeep

India will play the final half of the quarter with 10 men.

Final minute in progress.

India go into half time with their one goal lead intact.

India 2-1 Pakistan 


Third quarter

The third quarter of the game begins with Pakistan trying to be more attacking and trying to make things happen.

First five minutes of the third quarter gone by with India leading by 2 goals to 1.

Lovely atmosphere at the stadium although it may not be a full house.

Although India are leading this match but Pakistan have been a more disciplined side and have received less cards.

Penalty corner for Pakistan!

110 kmph drag flick hits Manpreet on the knee who hobbles off the field. India survive!


India score their third goal and Pakistan are in real trouble right now with the third quarter nearing the end. Brilliant team goal from India. SP Sunil scores his second goal of the evening.

India 3-1 Pakistan

We are into the last four minutes of the third quarter.

At the end of third quarter India lead by 2 goals.

India 3-1 Pakistan 


Fourth quarter

Pakistan have got all to do in this final quarter as they trail by 2 goals.


India score their fourth goal with 10 minutes remaining on the clock.

Pakistan team in dire straits right now.


8 minutes left: Pakistan need a miraculous comeback or this is it for them.


Rupindar Pal Singh converts from a penalty corner.

India 5-1 Pakistan

5 minutes left but the game is over as India have got this one in the bag.

Penalty stroke for India. A push in the back results in this decision.

Rupindar Pal’s shot is blocked by Imran Butt. Good anticipation.


India have outclassed Pakistan by 5-1. Well deserved win for India. 

Pakistan are out of the race for the final!


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