Arthur is happy and confident over the preparations


Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s head coach, has hailed the professional attitude of the team and the tough training that they have undergone.

Bowling has always been Pakistan’s strength and thus it has always been said that whenever Pakistan and England come face to face. it is a contest between England’s bowler against Pakistan’s batsmen.

However, Mickey Arthur has denied the claim and has shown faith on his batting line as well, “I have been quite impressed with the way our top seven (batsmen) have batted recently, they all look technically very sound and they all are looking in a very good nick.”

The 48-year old said that he is quite comfortable with the way his players are doing at the moment. He is obviously very happy with the way Pakistani bowlers are bowling and the tough drills they are performing.

Arthur further told, “Everybody looks in beautiful form, our batsmen, our bowlers, particularly our bowlers, they have bowled exceptionally well.”

However, the coach wants his bowlers to take this form from training into the actual contest, “Taking that nick into the middle is crucial.”

“I am very happy that we have got really good pace attack and our preparations have been outstanding,” concluded Mickey Arthur.