Pakistani mountaineer Asad climbs Africa’s highest peak within 24 hours


Karachi: Asad Ali Memon has become the first Asian and Pakistani to summit Mount Kilimanjaro within 24 hours.

In an Instagram post, the 23-year-old Asad revealed that it took him 20 hours to complete the summit and return back to the gate.


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Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa is 5,895 meters high, and it takes climbers five to seven days to reach the summit.

On the historic occasion, Pakistan High Commission in Tanzania shared the achievement on its Facebook page while and Pakistani Ambassador to Tanzania Muhammad Saleem also congratulated Asad, who hails from Larkana.

“He reached the Mweka gate (finish point) at midnight (February 15-16 night) after climbing Uhuru peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in United Republic of Tanzania within 20 hours,” press release.

“He had started from the Umbwe Gate (start point) very early morning on February 15, 2021 and taken the most challenging route to the summit. His mission to traverse the summit and return within one day (24 hours) has been achieved well within the time limit despite being a snowy and rainy weather during the day,” it added.

Previously, Asad had successfully climbed Russia’s Mount Elbrus and Argerntine’s Mount Aconcagua, which is the highest peak in the American region.

He also hoisted the Pakistani flag at its top. Mount Kilimanjaro is the third mountain of Asad’s ‘Seven Summit Challenge’.