Asia Cup 2020 in jeopardy due to current global crisis


Dubai: Asia Cup 2020’s future hangs in as an important meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has been postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the details, an all-important meeting was called upon to sort out conflict over the venue to host the multi-nation tournament. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has the hosting rights of this year’s Asian event, scheduled in September this year, and they want to host the event at home whereas the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) had already refused to visit neighbors due to political tensions between both countries.

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Earlier, the BCCI spokesperson stated that the Indian team is ready to play Aisa Cup in Dubai. “BCCI hosted the Asia Cup in Dubai back in 2018 due to similar reasons. There is no other option than playing this year’s edition in the UAE,” he was quoted saying.

Meanwhile, the BCCI president also said that the tournament will be played in UAE with both India and Pakistan. “Asia Cup will be held in Dubai and both India and Pakistan will play,” Ganguly said.

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The new dates for the meeting will be decided once the world gets free from the widely-spread virus. Till then, there is a cloud over the tournament happening at all this year.