‘Avoid mudslinging on Youtube’ Ramiz Raja adviced former cricketers


Lahore: The cricketer-turned-commentator Ramiz Raja urged former cricketers, who have opened channels on Youtube, to avoid making any comment which can hurt the reputation of Pakistan’s cricket. 

On his Youtube channel, Raja spoke about recent controversies made by former cricketers on several topics through their Youtube channels. The former cricketer thinks that such comments are just giving headlines to Pakistan’s cricket.

“Mic is a very powerful medium. It takes just two seconds to pull someone’s pants down so we need to be very careful. Avoid mudslinging on Youtube and be respectful and say things that are digestible,” Raja said.

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“I am saying all this because the Pakistan Cricket Board has filed cybercrime cases against one or two individuals. Some people have also crossed boundaries, because when you are frustrated, you vent. However, there are ways to do it,” Raja indicated towards recent Shoaib Akhtar’s case.

It must be noted here that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi filed a defamation suit against Shoaib Akhtar for bashing PCB’s legal team on Youtube after they banned cricketer Umar Akmal for three years for breaching Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code in two separate incidents.

Reportedly, Tafazzul didn’t like Akhtar using bad words for them and also damaging his reputation publicly without any proof.

Later on, Akhtar was called on by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Crime Unit on June 5 to record his statement on this issue.

Moreover, Raja requested the former cricketers to do constructive criticism which can help in making the system strong. “Criticism is your right, do it but try not to cross your boundaries,” he concluded.

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