Azhar Ali gains top form before first Test match


Hove: Azhar Ali seems to be in full form as he scores another century in the two warm-up matches. He says “It was very essential to have practice matches as it helped to understand English conditions and the players had a good chance staying at the crease which developed their confidence. We are fully prepared to give a tough time to the hosting team.”

Pakistan’s vice-captain Azhar Ali while expressing his views during an interview was determined to maintain consistency in performance. He said English conditions are entirely different from the Asian and it’s difficult to show good performance unless you are physically and mentally familiar to such conditions.

Azhar said considering the difficult challenge ahead of us, the practice matches were very important from both the bowlers and batsmen point of view and particularly the batting line which succeeded in staying at the wicket for a longer time. He said “It is very encouraging to see the players back in form before the start of the test series and I too am satisfied with my own performance. We got good time staying at the crease and our batting performance was up to our expectation which has generated lot of confidence in the players and this will certainly help in the coming series.”

Azhar Ali further said that the team has fairly achieved its objectives through the conditioning camps and later from the practice matches. All players are fit and in their best form and are fully determined to show consistency in their performance to give the hosting team a tough time. We will begin the series with a positive mind and hope the results would be according to our expectations.