Azhar expects son to make fun of his bizarre run out

Azhar expects son to make fun of his bizarre run out

It was the most bizarre thing to happen to a very serious batsman but Azhar Ali laughed off his bizarre run out on the third day of the second Test against Australia on Thursday.

Azhar edged the ball towards the third man and he and Asad Shafiq stood middle of the pitch, expecting that the ball had crossed the boundary, without realizing that it did not.

Tim Paine gathered an accurate throw from Mitchell Starc and ran Ali out who was standing in the middle of the pitch with his partner, unaware of the situation. When he was given out, it turned out to be a funny incident.

Ali revealed that he was talking about how the ball is swinging with batting partner Shafiq, rather than anything about lunch.

“We were just discussing that the ball was swinging a bit late and no menu was discussed in the middle,” Azhar Ali told in a lighter tone. “We both didn’t actually realise that anyone is chasing that ball.”

The two batsmen were still clueless about anything happening, they were just expecting the ball to reach the boundary.

“When Starc threw the ball also we didn’t think anything was happening but when it landed in the glove of the keeper we realized something funny was happening. The way the shot was hit to a fast bowler and the edge flew I thought it reached the boundary. T

Despite talking about the whole incident, the senior top-order batsman accepted that they cannot defend it.

“There is no excuse. Everyone was pulling our leg in the dressing room but that moment it was a shock,” he added.

He further said that his sons are going to make fun of his bizarre dismissal for a long time, they will put this incident in their argument whenever I will talk about cricket.

“When I go back home, my sons will ask about it in a more funnier way,” he told. “All my sons are going to speak about it for a long time. Whenever I would say something about cricket they will surely come back to this incident,” he shared.

Azhar Ali was not unable to score significant runs in his last few innings, but the coaching staff gave him confidence and teammates also supported him.

“I was looking to fight out all the negative feelings and the people in the dressing room and the coaching staff were also supportive,” he mentioned. “There is always a time when you don’t find gaps and luck don’t go your way. Everyone told me to hang in there and fight it out. How much you hit the ball in the nets you don’t regain that old feeling but I got that in this knock of mine.”

The 33-year old batsman, who clarified that he is not suffering any knee injury, said that the team is confident of clinching the second Test and also winning the series with it.

“We are confident of winning the match. If you have seen as soon as a wicket falls it becomes all the more difficult for the new batsman coming in. One or two wicket early tomorrow and things will become easier.

“Obviously the pitch is still batting-friendly but the way Abbas, Bilal, Yasir and Hamza bowling, I think we have a lot of options on this wicket to get the desired result.”