Baadshah Pehalwan Khan: The Pakistani Wrestler


Let me introduce you to ‘Baadshah Pehalwan Khan’ the 22 year old professional wrestler hailing from Dolian Village, Wah Cantt, Pakistan. He weighs in at 223 pounds and 5ft 11inches tall.

He made his wrestling debut in his adopted home France in 2010 and went onto have his first professional match in 2012. Since then he has been a fast rising star in Europe, but patriotic to Pakistan. This is evidenced by his ring attire and waving of the ‘Chand Tara’ flag. He has patented the exclusive green and white sherwaani, accessorised with sunglasses, tied back long hair and chiselled physique.


He has represented Pakistan in a number of European tournaments. His catchphrases include ‘Pakistan Will Rise’ and ‘Pakistan Kissi Se Kum Nahin’. He performs in front of thousands of fans day in day out.

Baadshah has previously issued a challenge to rivals Great Khali and Jinder Mahal to set up a clash between Pakistan and India. It surely would be a sell out!

Baadshah’s trainers are Flesh Gordon in France and Jesse Hernandez in USA.

As a keen wrestler fan myself I have been following this charismatic youngster for awhile.

In August 2015 he received an award in Los Angeles, USA from UFPID and Hollywood Tribute for excellence in sports.


I am personally aware of the extreme level of commitment required to become a top professional wrestler, the healthy diet, intense gym, weights and cardio workouts. Not to mention the in ring skills required to survive competition in the squared circle.

I must remind fans never to ask a wrestler whether the fighting is real!


We wish him the best of luck in achieving his goal of becoming the first Pakistani star of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in America.

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