Ban on saliva is temporary measure: ICC Cricket Committee’s chairman


Karachi: The chairman of the International Cricket Council’s Cricket Committee, Anil Kumble has said that a recommendation of banning the use of saliva to shine a cricket ball when the cricket resumes after the novel coronavirus shutdown is only a temporary measure.

The Kumble-led panel suggested a ban on the use of saliva in order to minimize the risk of virus. ICC on Friday affirmed the suggestion in its guidelines for the resumption of cricket.

“This is only an interim measure and as long as we have hopefully control over COVID in a few months or a year’s time then I think things will go back to as normal as it can be,” Kumble said.

“We have been very critical and we have been very focused on eliminating any external substances coming into the game,” he added.

It must be noted that players have been using the method of shining one side of the ball with a combination of saliva and sweat which helps bowlers to generate movement in the air.

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