Biggest Tragedies in Sports

  1. Attack on Sri Lanka National Cricket team

Occurred on 3 March 2009, The Sri Lankan team was asked to tour Pakistan as the Indian side had abandoned tour due to Mumbai Attacks.

As the Sri Lankan Cricket team was travelling to Gaddafi stadium (Lahore) to play 3rd day of the second test against Pakistan. Likewise the bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers, part of a larger convey, were fired upon by 12 gunmen, whom had fired at the wheels and then the passengers and later thrown rockets which had just missed the bus. However, it was for the bravery of bus Driver, Mehar Mohammad Khalil, who in isolation and testing times drove valiantly to save the lives of the cricketers resultantly Six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed

Investigations concluded it was a complete security lapse and its aftermath were Pakistan remain isolated from International Cricket at home while they were stripped off from hosting the 2011 world cup marches while the good news is International cricket will soon start in Pakistan.

  1. Death of Ayrton Senna

Senna was three times Formula one world champion, arguably one of the greatest drivers of all time. The incident occurred on May 1, 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in Italy, However the Brazilian was in the lead when his car struck concrete barrier and caused his death. The repercussion of his death brought allot of changes for the safety of the drivers in F1.

  1. Gabon Air Disaster

On April 27th 1993, Zambian football team was travelling to Senegal for their World cup Qualifying Match, but unfortunately their plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about 500 meters (550 yards) offshore from Libreville, Gabon.

Regrettably all the 30 members of the Zambian team died, later the investigation concluded that pilot fatigue and an instrument error had contributed to the accident. Its aftermath meant new team had to be assembled and few months later the side defied all the odds and reached the finals of the African cup losing to Nigeria.

While in 2012, Zambia won the African cup in Libreville, and their triumph was dedicated to the Zambian players, who lost their lives in 1994 tragedy.

  1. Andes Flight Disaster

The incident occurred on the 13 October 1972, and had continued till the 23rd December 1972, it is known as one the worst crashes in the sporting airline tragedies. While it was a chartered flight carrying 45 Passengers. Which consisted of a rugby team named Old Christians Club along with their relatives and friends. Who were travelling to play a friendly Rugby match in Chile, Similarly travelling towards Chile the plane couldn’t pass the Andes Mountains due to bad conditions, and crashed into the mountains, 12 people had died, and the remaining survivors had to route towards cannibalism in freezing mountains in order to stay alive. Thus, luckily they were rescued 72 days later. However the disaster resulted in killing 29 people this complete tribulation was made in a movie ‘Alive’ in 1993.

  1. Heysel Stadium Disaster

The tragedy occurred on 29 May 1985 at the Heysel Stadium in Belgium, before the start of the European cup final between Juventus and Liverpool, the tragedy started as a consequence of a wild riot between the fans of both clubs, which caused the wall separating both the fans to collapse resulting in pressing 39 juventus fans to death with Juventus winning 1-0.Its consequences were very huge for all English clubs as they were banned from all UEFA competitions for 5 years, and Liverpool for 6.

  1. The Munich air disaster

The tragedy occurred on 6 February 1958 when British European Airways had crashed on the Munich Airport, on its third effort to take off from a slush-covered landing strip. The travelling plane had Manchester United players famously nick named the Busby babes along with journalists, while 21 persons had survived and the remaining had died.

Hence, next year Matt Busby returned as manager and reassembled a new team, and eventually with Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes, the crash survivors won European cup ten years later.

1. Hillsborough Disaster

The disaster occurred on the 15 April 1989 at the 1988–89 FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and  Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, England. It is regarded as one of the most horrible football disaster in the history of British football, it occurred due to the overcapacity in the stadium resulted in fans to mount over the side fences to watch the semi final, and because of the disarray, crush barrier had broken and fans started to fall, in which Over 96 people were killed and more than 700 were injured.

An investigation in concluded the response of the police and organizers to the disaster was slow and badly coordinated.