Board won’t insist  on Saeed Ajmal’s Retirement…Haroon Rashid


Chief selector Haroon Rashid says” PCB will not insist Saeed Ajmal to retire” the spinner will have to understand the situation and realize himself where he stands, We’ll watch his performance during the national T20.” Presently not a single quality off spinner is available in the country and in domestic cricket 26 bowlers are having suspect bowling action.

According to details, in a recent  interview Saeed Ajmal  said, if the Board demands his resignation  he is willing  to do so respectably. When asked upon by Haroon Rashid, he said Saeed Ajmal is a world class top bowler and an asset for Pakistan, he has contributed a lot to the country, we never want to drop him but we need an outperforming Saeed Ajmal.

He said we’ll never ask the off spinner to retire but he’ll have to think and realize the  facts and see where he stands today, he needs to understand the situation. If he wants to discuss matters regarding his future, our doors are open for him.

He said the national T20 is an opportunity for Saeed Ajmal to prove his capability, we’ll observe his performance during the event. Haroon Rashid said many players while trying to follow Murli Dharan and Saeed Ajmal’s style have put their careers at stake. If you watch National Cricket Academy”s domestic competition report you will find 26 bowlers being declared having suspect bowling action. This is a hard fact that we do not have a single quality off spinner.