Botham disappointed with Indian cricket


Former English all rounder Ian Botham has criticized the way Indian cricket is progressing because he believes that the impact of T20 is ruining the state of their cricket.

While talking on the sidelines of Laureus World Sports Awards, quotes via NDTV,  Botham said that the England-India contest no longer fascinates him because of the increasing trend of Indian cricket towards T20 cricket.

“I am disappointed with Indian cricket right now. Cricket is more than just a 20-over game, they need to understand that. England’s contests with India always used to excite me but right now, I don’t know what to say,”

“Where is India going in Test cricket? Why is it happening to the team. Is it saturation of Twenty20? India needs to figure out,”

The former England legend also praised the way England, South Africa and Australia are playing test cricket these days because according to him they are the best test sides in world cricket right now.

“Look I don’t understand rankings. England, South Africa and Australia are playing the best Test cricket to my mind,”

“Australia has an established Big Bash, it’s pretty well fitted in the calendar. England is also alright with a proper set up. Look you can have Twenty20 matches but it cannot be week in and week out. People get bored of it,”

England will visit India in November-December this year where they will play five test matches and Botham hopes that it will be a good series.

“That should be a good series, I am looking forward to it because England have been doing really well. They have revamped the system, gone to factory settings and are looking good,” he said.