Boxer Amir Khan desirous of Pak-India cordial relations through sports


New Delhi: British boxer Amir Khan desires to develop Pakistan India cordial relationship through sports. says both the countries must continue playing cricket along with other sports.

According to details Amir Khan nowadays is on a visit to India. He is desirous of bringing both the countries close to each other not only through cricket but boxing also. He said Pakistan and India should maintain their sports relationship as it helps in rectifying our mistakes. Sports of any kind including cricket or boxing act as an important catalyst in bringing countries together.

Being a boxer I think boxing can change in the mind set of people. He said by setting up academies, organizing boxing shows and events we can remove all obstacles in our way. The amount of hatred seen at the political front can cool down through sports only.

Amir Khan said I have visited Pakistan many times and I want others to keep visiting both the countries. I consider India and Pakistan must play cricket, we need to learn and accept each other, It is so amazing to watch both the countries spectators sitting together at one place supporting and applauding their respective teams.

Amir Khan announced that he is planning to establish boxing academies in Mumbai and Delhi. In Pakistan the opening of five academies is about to take place and we are building one in Doha very shortly.