BPL: Pakistani Players object to Compensations


Dacca: Pakistan Players have objected to Bangladesh Premier League compensation. Majority of the players think the rate announced by the Governing council is below their standard, more than 50 mails have been received from Pakistan showing interest to participate in this event. The organizers say Shahid Afridi, Chris Gayle and Kevin Pietersen’s magical performance will add colors to this event and they have also e-mailed to show their interest through thier agents.


According to details Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) will begin on the 21st of next month and the name of players will be announced on the 30th of October. BPL organizers have prepared a list of 150 foreign players out of which more than 50 are Pakistanis who have shown their consent through e-mails. It’s been known that majority of the Pakistani players are unhappy with the rate announced by BPL governing council to foreign players and consider it as below standard.

Bangladesh’s domestic players are around 62, the rate announced for them ranges between 500,000 to 3,500,000 Takkas and for foreign players 30,000 to 70,000 dollars. As per rules and regulations each team from this pool can utilize maximum 8 foreign players and will be allowed to send 4 only in the field. The organizers say Shahid Afridi, Chris Gayle and Kevin Pietersen have shown their interest through their agents and have also e-mailed their essential particulars.