Brazil wins Gold in Tokyo Olympics 2020’s Football event


TOKYO: Brazil beat Spain by 2-1 to win the final match of Football’s event in Tokyo Olympics 2020 here on Saturday. 

Brazil were dominant throughout the contest with scoring their first goal in extra time of the first half. Cunha Matheus netted the ball for Brazil to take them 1-0 up against the opponents in all-important final. 

After a lot of counter-striking from both the sides, Spain finally got a breakthrough when their forward Oyarzabal Mikel put the ball into the goal. The scoreboard read 1-1 in the 61st minute and both teams now looked forward to take lead. 

The match ended with a draw 1-1 followed by extra time. Brazil made the most of an opportunity and their forward scored a goal in the 108th minute. Malcom was the goal scorer from Brazil. 

On the other hand, Mexico managed to win the third-position match and won the Bronze.

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